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authentic approach to our food

Though our dishes trace their origins to Andalucia, Spain, they have evolved to be uniquely what they are today. Most of our meals are Cuban, a heady blend of Spanish, African and Caribbean flavours and sharing slow cooking techniques for maximum tenderness and taste

It isn't just our recipes that are old school, there is nothing like it anywhere else

take a few of our signature dishes as an example

All of our dishes are signature dishes by the way

Arroz congri aka Moros y cristianos

A Cuban staple, this incredibly delicious dish acquired its interesting moniker from the Spanish.

Rice and black beans come together in a perfect combination of heady aroma and mouth-watering delight.  

With its earthy, & warm combination of subtle flavours this vegan meal will bowl over even the die hard  meat eaters.

Served with avocado wedges and fresh cilantro/coriander lime dressing, you cannot ask for a more balanced, nutritious and yummy meal.

Ropa Vieja (rroh-pa beyeh-hah)

Although Ropa Vieja’s origin is nearly 500 years old from the Canary islands, this hearty  and nutritional meal is the national dish of Cuba.

Ropa Vieja translated means “Old Clothes”,  but it is any thing but that.

The appetizing blend of  onions, garlic, bell peppers & tomatoes with just the right amount of  cumin & oregano combined with slow cooked shredded beef makes this rustic dish an unforgettable culinary delight.

You won’t be able to stop yourself from coming back for seconds and thirds and more. 

San Antonio Chili

Of all the myths & legends there are about Chili, one thing for sure it ain’t Mexican. The Chili Queens of San Antonio, Texas put this dish on the world map.

Chili has evolved from its humble origins to gourmet proportions and there are annual Chili Cook Offs. In the 70s, Chili became the state dish of Texas.

With so much history and legend, it was only natural that we added this hearty, full of flavour, bold heat dish, to our signature range of meals.

Typically served with corn bread, we decided to give it a twist and we serve this with cheese arepas instead.

continuing on the authentic approach

Too often convenience in food equates to unhealthy, frozen and not tasty. The Burgers n Beans difference is that you have a new style of ready-to-eat meals that pack a punch – be it quality, freshness, taste, convenience or nutrition, all while being green and ethical

So, it is only natural that we source the freshest local produce, whole foods and natural ingredients to create our delicious meals in small batches - from scratch.

garlic, tomatoes, pepper
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Vegan or meat dish, each provides a meal balanced in flavour, food groups and portion size. Your meal comes in compostable, ready-to-eat or re-heat later packaging. We even pack the accompaniments that are not meant to be hot or heated separately to ensure you have the most authentic eating experience.

For a time-saving, no-hassle and convenient way to eat delicious meals or to simply try a new ethnic cuisine – look no further than Burgers n Beans. With no lock-ins or subscriptions, we are a new type of meal delivery service offering you something simple, new and exciting — and delivering it right to your doorstep.