Ethnic Eclectic food

Work Week lunches & Dinners

Save time * No hassle of menu planning or cooking *  Eat at your convenience

our food

Simplicity and ethnic eclectic is the heart & soul of our food

From the kitchens of the Americas, we bring you ethnic and eclectic inspired meals that are cooked from scratch daily. Our menu features old school recipes from Cuba and Texas with Burgers-n-Beans magical twist to make each dish unique and memorable

ethnic & authentic

  • Old school with a twist
  • Aromatic & simple spices
  • Real flavours

fresh & Simple

mortar, spices, spice mix
  • Minimal ingredients
  • Unprocessed
  • Made from scratch daily

eclectic & distinct

spices, spice mix, colorful
  • Mouthwatering dishes
  • Bold flavours
  • Complete diet

How it works


With us, you have no stress of planning, no shopping, no cooking, no washing.  Simply pre-order your meals and we bring it you

No hassle

We know how busy your day gets. Last thing you want to be thinking  “what am I cooking today”. Relax, preselect your meals and we bring it to you

the convenience

Lunch & dinner sorted, eat immediately or later.  Eat now or reheat & eat directly from our container

No mess to clear, just compost it