Ethnic Eclectic food

Work Week lunches & Dinners

Save time * No hassle of menu planning or cooking *  Eat at your convenience

our food

Simplicity and ethnic eclectic is the heart & soul of our food

ethnic & authentic

spices, cook, season
  • Old school with a twist
  • Aromatic & simple spices
  • Real flavours

fresh & Simple

mortar, spices, spice mix
  • Minimal ingredients
  • Unprocessed
  • Made from scratch daily

eclectic & distinct

spices, spice mix, colorful
  • Mouthwatering dishes
  • Bold flavours
  • Complete diet

How it works


With us, you have no stress of planning, no shopping, no cooking, no washing.  Simply pre-order your meals and we bring it you

No hassle

We know how busy your day gets. Last thing you want to be thinking  “what am I cooking today”. Relax, preselect your meals and we bring it to you

the convenience

Lunch & dinner sorted, eat immediately or later.  Eat now or reheat & eat directly from our container

No mess to clear, just compost it